Announcements September 29

                    NOTABLE NOTES

               Glasgow Road AMS Mission project “Outdoor Ministries” will be wrapping up at the end of September, so if anyone would like to donate, please do so a.s.a.p.
              October 2nd, Wednesday 2:00 pm – Glasgow Road AMS will meet at the home of Phillip and Shirley Weatherbee. All are Welcome to come.
              October 6th, Sunday – 11:00 am – World Communion Sunday, joint-charge service hosted by Hunter River Presbyterian Church.
                                        Service will be followed by a Lunch and Learn: Hidden in Plain Sight. Lunch will be provided so please sign the sign up sheet for preparation numbers.
                                        A donation of $5. is suggested.

             October 18th and 19th, – Winsloe United Church, Quilt/Needlepoint Show and Bake Sale. Friday 12 noon-7:00, Sat. 10:00 am- 4:00 pm. Canteen service available.

                                                         Admission $5.00 at the door.

             October 20th, Sunday, 7:00 pm – Lord, Teach us to Pray! A six part Bible study begins at Glasgow Road Presbyterian Church

Session Highlights

Eldership Elections

It was noted that eldership elections needed to be held this fall at Glasgow Road as all term service terms had now lapsed.  The Glasgow Road elders met with the Interim Moderator following the main meeting to set the wheels in motion for a November election for a total of four (4) elders, with details to follow. 

Elders from Brookfield and Hunter River Sessions which retain the life-service model were asked to advise as soon as possible if any wished to step down or retire from service at this time so that elections might be conducted concurrently with those at Glasgow Road.

The Year Ahead

Revs. Thomas and Cathy presented a proposal for a one-year co-ministry plan for 2019/2020, subject to review by Session in May 2020 and including some planned joint-worship opportunities through the year hosted by each church.  The plan was discussed and unanimously adopted. Please ask an Elder if you haven’t received a copy for review.

General Assembly Remits re Same-Sex Marriage etc.

It was noted that the actions of the most recent Assembly are now in the process of consideration by Presbyteries and require approval by more than 50% of Presbyteries representing more than 50% of the membership of the PCC to proceed to final consideration by the next General Assembly.  If approved by the 2020 Assembly, the changes would become the law of the church.  It was noted again that each local congregation would then have the freedom to retain traditional teaching and practice or choose to adopt a more inclusive approach.


                                                 Here are the Birthdays/Anniversaries and Prayer list for this week…

                                                                Birthdays… September 29th…Margaret Folland

                                                                                    October 4th…Sean Jackson, Marianne Anthony


                                                              Anniversaries…September 28th…Jill and Derek Parsons

                                                                                                                30th…Julie and Leslie Cruwys

                                                                                          October 3rd..Allister and Marlene Cummings                                                                                                                                                              

                     – Prayer list…Jerry Connors, Alan MacPhee, Nadine Axworthy, Rona Findlay Cronk who had a fall and is now in a convalescent home, Kay MacRae, Reudy Smith, Eric Weeks,

                                    Grant Smith, Robert Rackham, Ena Hill, Garth Matheson, David Stevenson, Kenny Cousins, Sonny and Dorothy Clow,

                                    Heather Ford, Eddy Dykerman, Eric Shaw, Irwin Campbell, Aneilia River Watts,                                                                       



                   If there are any questions or concerns about something that’s happening or not happening in the Charge, please speak to Rev. Kay or an Elder. 


              Our regular weekly events for the charge…..


        – Prayer meeting – at Phillip and Shirley Weatherbee’s house on Tuesday evening 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm. All are welcome.


        – Youth Group –  Thursday evenings at 6:30 pm in Central Queens school gym.

                              Remember…no school, no youth group!!

Central Queens United Church, Hunter River, is excited to host a return performance by Kirk Neville (vocalist) and Bonnie LaFrance (pianist) on Sun., Oct. 20th at 7:00 p.m. Concert title is “My Island Too”, featuring many Cape Breton and other Maritime favourite songs. A very large and appreciative audience for these two talented artists last spring, so don’t miss this one! $12 admission at the door with light refreshments served