Announcements July 8

Prayer Meeting: Wednesday evenings from 7 pm to 8 p.m at the home of Phillip and Shirley Weatherbee.  All are welcome.

Upcoming Services:

July 15 9:45 Brookfield 11:15 Hunter River

July 22 9:45 Glasgow Rd 11:15 Brookfield

Mission Moments

Achieving Independence Through Agriculture Training

Esther Beza has many responsibilities. The Malawian farmer takes care of her four children and her elderly parents, all while farming two hectares of land. But with changing rain patterns, low soil fertility and poor access to seeds, Esther’s crops didn’t yield enough food to feed her family. Esther had been skipping meals, but things changed after she participated in an agricultural training project with Presbyterian World Service & Development and Canadian Foodgrains Bank. “I no longer struggle to find seeds, and I have learned to use pig manure for fertilizer,” shares Esther, motivated by the fruitful results of the farming techniques she’s learned. Esther no longer worries about anyone going hungry. PWS&D invests in agriculture to benefit communities

Please continue to send any announcements to no later than Wednesday evenings to be printed in the bulletin.

Brookfield  Board of  Managers will meet in the Church Hall  on Wed. July ,11th at 7 PM

A giant yard sale will be held at Central Queens United Church, Hunter River, on Sat., July 21st from 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. All categories of treasures can be found at this popular indoor event!

We Pray For

Heavenly Father, nourish us with your word of Life and make us one with you in Love and Prayer. May we know your peace and love, removing distractions that take our gaze away from your glory. May we quiet the noise that pulls us from adoration from you and may we see your goodness and glory. We pray for those in need, especially for Cathy Kay, Dorothy Clow, Heather Ford, Louise Weeks, David MacIntyre, Eddy Dykerman,Wendell Nicholson, Gwen Henry, Aneila River- Watts, Heather Hickox, Phyllis Weeks, and Elwin Corbett. May the words of our mouths and the actions of our hands all bring Glory, Honour and Praise unto Christ. Amen

Special days in July

Birthdays: 1st Joy MacIntyre, 4th Mason Ford, 5th David MacIntyre, Audrey VanEwyk, 6th Barbara Simpson Taylor,Laura Vail, 8th Penny Sentner, 10th Randy MacLeod, 13th Sylvia Matheson, Rod MacPherson, 14th Gavin Hickey, Floyd Ford, John Fleming, Teagan Christian, 16th Jamie Jackson, 17th Jessica Watts, Paulette Smith, 19th Colby Parsons, Rev. Karen MacRae 20th Rudy Smith, 21st James Jackson, Flora MacLennan, 22nd Anna Ford, 23rd Corey Watt, 25th Kimberly Kerwin, 26th Jason Wuertz, 28th Kimberly MacDonald, 30th Jonathan Andrews, Darla MacLeod

Anniversaries: 1st Philip & Shirley Weatherbee, 3rd, Melissa & Kelsey Morrow, 4th Dwayne & Audrey VanEwyk, 7th Sarah & Matthew Skinner, 10th Joy & David MacIntyre, 12th Corey & Sheila Watts, 17th John & Glenda Cummings, 18th Frank & Mary Bertram, 28th Melody & Blair Sentner, 29th Tabatha & Brody Josey, 31st Wylie & Sandra Acorn

An update on the roof project at Brookfield….As of Sunday June 24th it is almost finished. Just some details on the back. They also painted and firmed up that fancy wooden piece on top of the steeple.  The steel is from Kennedy Steel and Vernon Martin from North Wiltshire is in charge of the crew putting it on.  This is an exert from the McBain-Barker Small Community Capital Fund grant letter…

As part of our grant covenant we ask that you add to your program literature the following acknowledgement “Supported in part by a bequest to The Presbyterian Church in Canada.”

Pull the saddle shoes, penny loafers and Bobbi socks out of the closet because Phase ll and Friends are rolling into Hunter River and rocking Central Queens United Church on Sunday, July 15th. This talented group of singers and musicians will be performing their “Happy Days” Concert with hits from the 50’s and 60’s to take you down Memory Lane. As a bonus, guest singers Jeannie Campbell, Keila Glydon, Heather MacAulay and Nicole Cannell will be adding their gift of song to the band. Whether you groove in your seat or get up and jive, don’t miss this fun event. See you at 7:30 on the 15th. $12 at the door with light refreshments served