Announcements April 15

Prayer Meeting: Wednesday evenings from 7 pm to 8 p.m at the home of Phillip and Shirley Weatherbee.  All are welcome.

Upcoming Services:

Apr 22 9:45 Brookfield 11:15 Hunter River

Apr 29 9:45 Glasgow Rd 11:15 Brookfield

Mission Moments

Easing suffering in Bangladesh

Since the outbreak of state-led violence against the Rohingya minority in Myanmar’s Rakhine state, Safiri has been living in fear. Her husband was shot and her entire village burned to the ground. One night, fearing an attack by members of the army, she fled with her children across dangerous countryside to the Balukhai camp in Bangladesh. Their arrival brought new challenges—shelter conditions were miserable and food, water and sanitation services scarce. Safiri’s story of suffering is hard to grasp, but her needs for survival are very real. PWS&D, alongside Canadian Foodgrains Bank and ACT Alliance, is helping Rohingya refugees like Safiri meet their basic needs and find hope that life will once again be normal.

PWS&D responds to meet the needs of refugees

We Pray For

Heavenly Father, during this Lenten season nourish us with your word of Life and make us one with you in Love and Prayer. May we walk through this season intentionally, removing distractions that take our gaze away from your glory. May we quiet the noise that pulls us from adoration from you and may we see your goodness and glory in new ways throughout this season. We pray for those in need, especially for Heather Ford, Louise Weeks, David MacIntyre, Eddy Dykerman,Wendell Nicholson, Gwen Henry, Aneila River- Watts, Heather Hickox, Ralph and Thelma Cruwys, Dean Dollar, and Elwin Corbett. May the words of our mouths and the actions of our hands all bring Glory, Honour and Praise unto Christ. Amen

Please continue to send any announcements to no later than Wednesday evenings to be printed in the bulletin.

Special days in April

Birthdays: 4th Donald MacLeod, Ellen Andrews, Ronnie Gamester, Rebecca MacIntyre, 6th Jim Hill, 9th Rowan MacPhee, 13th Rita MacRae, 15th Connie Barlow, Norma Weeks, 18th Melina Barlow, Wendell Nicholson, Margo Connors, 19th Cody Weeks, 20th Aida Cruwys, 21st Carolyn Bertram, Vanessa Bonnyman, Katherine Cummings, 22nd Shirley Andrews , Kay MacRae, 24th Derek Parsons, 25th Heather Ford, 26th Austin Gamester, 27th James Hickey, 28th Jill Parsons

Anniversaries:  8th Dulcinea & David Andrews, 15th Clark & Maureen Fryday,28th Elaine & John Fleming

Youth Group – every Thursday, 6:30 pm – 7:45 pm, in Central Queens Elementary School gym.

Everyone Grades 3  and up is welcome! school, no youth group!!

CAMP KEIR registration forms are now available at the entrance of each church.  Register your kids today!

SAVE THE DATE! The first of two discernment process workshops will take on Saturday, 5 May 2018, 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. at Hunter River Community Hall.  An explanatory letter and invitation addressed to every household will be available shortly.  Please plan to attend – your participation matters!

Central Queens United Church, Hunter River, is pleased to host Eddy Quinn and Fiddlers’ Sons on Sat., Apr.21st at 7:30 p.m.
Eddy Quinn, John B. Webster and Keelin Wedge will feature music from their recent recording, “Fiddlers’ Sons, The Best of Twenty Years.” Eddy Quinn will
share stories from his book, “Island Characters”, and Keelin Wedge will perform music from her recent solo release, “The Traditional Files” accompanied by John B. Webster.
Admission is $12/person at the door with doors opening at 7:00 p.m. Light refreshments will be served


Read: Luke 24:36b–48

Questions for Reflection: When Jesus appeared to the disciples, “he opened their minds to understand the scriptures” (Luke 24:45). What is it to “understand” God’s word? How does understanding feed your faith? In the coming week, take note of one new understanding that comes to you from something you hear or read or realize through another person.

Pray: God of surprising revelations, I thank you that when you come to your people, you speak peace and invite faith in you. Make each day this week a time when I will give more thanks for life than I did yesterday. Give me ears to hear your will for me, hands that are open to others, and eyes to see the beauty in your world; in Jesus’ name. Amen.


Preparing ourselves for the discernment process

What does “amalgamation” really mean? While the discernment process will explore and be open to all options for our congregational future, there is little doubt that the most talked about option to date has been amalgamation. As I listen carefully to what people are saying, it seems to me that there are a few misconceptions out there about what amalgamation really entails. The following, therefore, is offered for clarity only, and NOT as promotion of one option over another.

When two or more congregations decide to amalgamate the old congregations cease to exist at the moment of amalgamation and an entirely new entity comes into existence, and all the assets (real estate and financial) of the former congregations become the assets of the new congregation. The detailed process is usually laid out in an Amalgamation or “Mission” Plan agreed by all parties before amalgamation takes.

Among other things, the Mission Plan identifies which, if any, of the existing buildings may be retained, or if a new building will be erected, and specifies the new name of the congregation and its worship place (or the process by which a new name will be chosen). The Plan also details how each of the former congregations will be recognized and honoured in a lasting way.

In addition to real estate and finances, the Mission Plan also addresses the ongoing ministry and mission of the congregation in the form of programs like choirs, praise teams, Sunday School, Bible Study, and mission groups. In addition, the Plan needs to detail how a new Board of Managers will be appointed, or possibly rolled into Session as a Property and Finance Committee. As for Session, decisions need to be made by the congregation as to whether the new Session will be by term or life service, and whether membership will be made up of the existing elders from each church, or a new Session elected from scratch (with existing elders eligible for election, of course). There is too much detail to cover here, but hopefully the above serves to underscore that an amalgamation does NOT mean that one congregation “wins” and the others “lose”, but that an entirely new beginning in an entirely new congregation is made possible for all concerned – wherever it worships, and whatever it’s called.